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Family and Romance

Precious moments in a family's timeline should be cherished and captured in the most beautiful manners. I will pose you, light you creatively, offer as much time on scene as necessary and with multiple wardrobe changes.

My standard rate packages:

Gold - 30 intermediate digitally processed images, 3 hours, multiple wardrobe changes, multiple locations - $700

Silver - 25 intermediate digitally processed images, 3 hours, multiple wardrobe changes, one main  location - $500

Bronze - 15 intermediate digitally processed images, 2 hours, multiple wardrobe changes, one main location - $350

(By intermediate, I refer to more intensive edits including beautification, sky/environment change/composite edits, whimsical types of lighting and effects, etc)

You will of course receive more images than just 15, 25 or 30. These are just minimum estimates. There are numerous more images that you shall also received that do not require intensive edits. 


This is a very special day in your lives; you don't wish for a moment to be missed. I will accompany you to all locations of the ceremony; the venue where the bride is preparing, where the groom is preparing, the ceremony and reception venues. I also offer pre-ceremony and post-ceremony shoots as per part of the package. And, separately, I offer a shoot either before or after the wedding day that can be conducted in a multitude of manners, including in the waves of the ocean. I have my packages of investments viewable via clicking the button below.             

Specialty Photography

View more specific genres of my work

My specialties of photography span in an immensely wide spectrum. I am quite skilled at photographing aerial dance/circus arts, cosplay and fantasy, and namely; ocean model photoshoots. The latter I literally bring my light equipment, camera, myself and you deep out into the surf to achieve truly spectacular shots.

All of these specialist photo portfolios can be viewed more in depth via the links on this website's navigation bar. To purchase my services for any of these genres, my prices are excellent and negotiable. Please contact me via email or social media and I can accommodate your vision with excellence.

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