Here are some notable moments and treks of my photography strive thus far.

Desire Chaves, Premiere Contortionist of Cirque Italia

Desire Chaves is the main ambassador of contortionists of the elite Cirque Italia Water Circus. She is highly versatile, and worldwide renown. It's an honor to have her express the initial interest and desire to shoot with me. I traveled very far to shoot her show again, and to do the photoshoot immediately after. To have such interest from such monumentally talented people as her, gives me reassurance that I am making progress in the pursuit of artistry. 

Official Photographer for Cirque Italia Water Circus

One of my most favorite theatres of shooting is circus and aerial arts. I find it to be one of my callings in this passion. It requires so much concentration, consideration, speed and wit to make it work truly well. To have been recruited as the primary photographer, traveling to 5 different cities with them, is one of the most illustrious honors I've had. 

Notable musicians I've shot

I've had the privilege to photograph some fantastic bands and musical artists. Some of which are widely renown; Dennis Quaid, Uncle Kracker, Uriah Heep, Artemis Pyle (The drummer from Lynyrd Skynrd), Here Come the Mummies, Rareluth, Heritage, Imagene, and many others. 

Dennis Quaid

I was the official designated photographer at one Dennis Quaid's shows recently. Mr.Quaid is one of the most extremely eccentric celebrities I've had the pleasure to work with. He has more energy than brand new puppy, yet is over twice my age and a lot more. His highly versatile array of talents was breathtaking; he shifted between all musical instruments onstage with no error between, all while continuing to sing, and of course, take drinks from the audience to pour down while he performs. He's a very, very nice man and I want to know his secrets to aging and energy.

Aerial Dance Panama City

My entry into photographing aerial dancers/acrobats began with the magnificent Aerial Dance Panama City. I became a regular photographer for their student showcase live performances. It then led to dedicated photoshoots. Before I knew it, I'd developed quite a primary passion for photographing circus arts. Aerial Dance Panama City is always welcoming new students of all ages. I actually regret not delving into more exotic, intensive types of passions such as this when I was much younger. Either way, I consider these works to be some of my most prized masterpieces. It all came to fruition, from ADPC and far beyond, through them and their magnificently talented people. 

My first and only trip to Miami thus far

It's rather monumental in my opinion that this was my first and only visit to this beautiful city. It was the time that I was hired to photograph elite Russian models for Vicky Ross Fit, an Eastern European fitness competition bikini company. Pictured here are some of the professionals I worked with. Some barely spoke English, much creativity was used to make the essentials of communication for this objective. It is an honor to have photographed for this enterprise. Vicky Ross Fitness

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